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Rapists of the Lost Ark

Comic #19

Notes from the Bludhouse

It's telling that following last week's strips, there were some people who actually questioned whether Spielberg or Lucas really edited Raiders of the Lost Ark to make the scimitar swordsman shoot first. It's completely absurd - why the fuck would the swordsman have a gun? Yet, it's actually plausible, because Spielberg and Lucas are fucking lunatics who make nonsensical and needless edits to beloved movies. I just want you all to know that, once Blud Blood gets a movie deal and becomes a classic film, we will never, ever go back and change the movie. Unless we feel like it. And if you're reading this strip twenty years from now, wondering why that army of trained chimps and aliens are pointing walkie-talkies at Blud? Well, we always planned it that way, but the technology to draw walkie-talkies wasn't available at the time we made it. Thanks for your understanding.

-Jude Terror

Uploaded by Jude Terror at 01:01 on 01 October


We're Back!

Posted 22:27
Sat 16 June
by Jude Terror

It's been a long time, but Blud Blood is back! And we're kicking things off with a four part intro to the new strip, Just A Little More Blud! So what's changed in four years? Lots of stuff has. Marvel and DC both have new Editors in Chief (though the usual villains have moved up to positions of even greater power). DC rebooted their entire universe. The Avengers has become the third highest grossing movie of all time. Hell, George Bush was President the last time we made a strip. The Outhouse has a formidable front page! So we feel that things need to change in the Blud Blood Universe as well. And starting next week, you'll see those changes, and you will be SHOCKED and INTRIGUED and everything else that boosts sales during reboots. For now, enjoy our opener and keep coming back every week for more blud!

-Jude Terror