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War Drumz Part 2 of 4

Comic #2

Notes from the Bludhouse

This is actually the second version of War Drumz. The first one featured a less cartoony version of Blud Blood and was slated to appear in the first Signed in Blood Anthology. The Anthology would have featured a number of black and white comics from the members of the Blud Blood forums, Bludnet. I wasn't the original planned "colorist" on the first version strip but after the first colorist backed out (I actually can't remember any of the details on this), Jon asked me to take on the project. Unfortunately, the anthology never happened and War Drumz went into the pile of "comics that would have been awesome to show off." The rebirth of Just a Little Blud gave Jon an ideal reason to dust off an old plot and bring it back to life in a brand new way. Now that I'm the go-to colorist, I got first crack at the pages. Black and white NEVER comes easily to me but I really like how these turned out.


Uploaded by Jude Terror at 12:27 on 16 June